Cops and Donuts Slot


There are several stereotypes about cops better known than their love of donut shops. The idea that cops lack donuts – even if they have to patrol the streets – can be found in countless TV shows, movies, and cartoons. It’s an image that’s almost always used for laughter, but it’s deeply ingrained in culture: everyone knows what a joke it is when you see a cruiser outside of Dunkin ‘Donuts.

This popular comedy production is also the premise of Cops and Donuts, the popular video slot created by IGT. In this game, you will fight almost all the light-hearted punches that people give to men and women in blue, and all for a good reason: trying to get rich by winning one of the biggest prizes possible on the machine.

Krullers and the scammers
Cops and Donuts is typical of the slot machines you find in the casino gaming room. This is a 20-line slot that can usually be played in a variety of denominations, from pennies to 50 cents per coin. Players can choose the number of lines they want to play as well as the number of coins per line, up to a maximum of five. This means that in theory you can bet anywhere from a penny to $ 50 per spin – a wider range than you would normally find on live slot machines.

The goal of the game is simple: match symbols from left to right on the reels, with larger matches bringing in more lucrative prizes. The characters you want to match are located on both sides of the header. Police, criminals, handcuffs and other symbols of law enforcement are scattered everywhere. But they come along with coffee, donuts, and other baked goods, all of which can bring you various rewards. The badge icon acts like a wild symbol, replacing any of the standard icons to create winning combinations.

What is really fun about this game are the bonus rounds, each of which explores a different aspect of the theme. Most players will probably find them good to laugh at, and more importantly, they can also earn you enough prizes to pay for dozens of spins or more.

First, there is the Speed ​​Trap bonus, which activates whenever you spot a police car on the first reel and a speed limit sign opposite it on the fifth reel. In this game (which borrows the theme song from the TV show “Cops”), you will be stopped by a cop and you have to choose from a list of classic excuses for why you may have exceeded your speed. You can tell him, “I wanted to go home before the drunks left,” or “I just kept up with the traffic.” Every time you choose one of them, you get an instant prize and, possibly, the opportunity to make an additional choice. Convince the officer that you had a good reason for going too fast, and he decides to offer you a donut, instantly doubling your winnings.

Type three or more Fresh Donuts symbols on one line and you will be taken to the Donut Eating Bonus Round. By taking a ticket, you will find out how many options you get in the bakery layout. Every time you choose a donut, the burly cop on the screen tastes it, earning you a certain amount of credits. The game’s plot can be cute, but the rewards can be truly addictive, with thousands of coins often won in this special feature.

Cops and Donuts is a very light-hearted game, smart enough not to take yourself too seriously. All graphics are made in a cartoon style, colors are bright and welcoming, and sounds and music are designed to add fun to the theme. Nothing here can be construed as offensive or degrading to the dignity of police officers: it’s all fun. The variety of denominations on one machine is also a welcome addition: it allows almost anyone to play this game, regardless of their budget.

Between the entertainment theme and the bonus rounds that offer big prizes, it’s easy to see why Cops and Donuts have become such a hit on IGT. While this is not a machine that will ever make you a millionaire, it is some kind of fun entertainment that any slots player can sit down with for a few minutes and have a good time, even if they are not lucky enough to score. great victory. The online slot Cops and Donuts has yet to be created, but fingers crossed, IGT may just launch it in the future.

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